General Terms and Conditions

Any registration for courses and activities organized by Kitesurf Belgium School (KBS) signifies that the trainee/participant has read and agrees to our conditions below.

Participation in any of our activities is confirmed by the signature of this contract by both parties, namely: the participant and the school.

Registration Conditions Parental authorization is required for those under 18. Any registration for a course/activity will only be considered upon payment of a deposit of €80 per course/activity, paid to the school’s account at the time of online registration. The balance is due on the first day of the course. Failure to pay the balance via the school’s website will result in the cancellation of the reservation and retention of the paid deposit.

In case of modification or cancellation by the participant:

Up to 3 days before the start of the course/activity, it is possible to change the date. Beyond this period, any date change, no-show, or absence of the participant for any reason will be considered as a cancellation and will not be refunded.

In case of modification or cancellation by the school:

The management, responsible parties, and instructors analyze the latest weather forecasts every evening using the most reliable tools on the internet to guide the decision on course confirmation related to the weather.

Weather conditions, participant safety concerns, or any unpredictable event beyond our control may lead to the modification of an essential element of the activity or course.

KBS (Kitesurf Belgium School) may indeed be forced to cancel the course if:

Safety conditions require it or in case of an unpredictable event. The weather conditions (according to forecasts or on-site observations) are not suitable. In such a case, we will reschedule the missed hours at a later date that should suit all participants. It is important for the participant to indicate the date of the first course and the number of hours to be made up during the next reservation. In case of cancellation, we will contact you to set a new date. You can also cancel your reservation yourself. Your deposit remains valid if you cancel more than 48 hours in advance. If you do not participate in the training after this period, your deposit will be fully retained.


Our rates are available on our website They include liability insurance, the use of equipment, and the instructor’s service.

The trainee has one year to use their deposit or complete their package through an online reservation. Waiving any of the services or reservations subscribed to at the time of registration will not be subject to any refund.

Gift Voucher

All beneficiaries of a “gift voucher” have 2 years to use it by making a reservation via our online calendar and stating the reference number by email. If the validity date is exceeded (less than 6 months), it is possible to extend it by 1 year for a fee of €25. The request must be made via email to and the payment made to the school’s bank account. In no case can a gift voucher be refunded.

Your Account

The trainee/participant’s account on our internet system allows them to track their reservations and specific progress in learning kitesurfing. There may be a time lag for updates.

Activity Schedules

The schedules of each course/activity are indicated in their description on our website.

For courses and activities with fixed schedules:

The meeting takes place 30 minutes in advance to be able to start the course at the scheduled time.

For courses and activities with variable schedules depending on the weather and tides:

After analyzing the latest weather bulletins, a confirmation of the meeting time is sent by email and SMS the day before between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

If, unfortunately, the latest weather forecasts are not favorable for a quality course, the participant will also receive a cancellation announcement by email the evening before. In such a case, the participant is requested to make a new reservation via the online calendar, email, or phone. Any uncompleted session will be rescheduled according to our respective availabilities.


The duration of the lessons is indicated in their description on our website.

For specific kitesurf training, the duration of the course may vary depending on the number of participants per instructor.

IKO Kitesurf License

KBS instructors are either affiliated with the International Kitesurf Federation IKO, or trained by VDWS or BLOSO. The same goes for our kitesurf trainees, all trained by IKO or BLOSO.

At the end of each course, instructors validate the trainee’s kitesurfing level on their IKO account. A certificate of practice level is then issued. This certificate is important to prove the trainee’s kitesurfing level. For it to be fully valid, the trainee must fill out the IKO appreciation form that will have been sent to them.


Anyone registered for a course or activity with KBS will be insured for CIVIL LIABILITY throughout the course/activity. KBS’s civil liability cannot be engaged outside the hours of the course/activity.

For “personal injury” insurance, the school offers the trainee/participant to become a member of the club, which will give them access to the insurance related to the sports federation (VYF or VVW). This insurance is annual.

For minors, a parental authorization and swimming aptitude must be presented.

A mandatory liability release document from IKO and KBS must be read and signed.

Participants’ Commitment

All adult participants and parents of minor participants accept the risks associated with the practice of kitesurfing, kitefoil, wingfoil, buggykite, landboardkite, powerkite, SUP, and other disciplines under normal practice conditions.

Our Commitment

We commit to providing appropriate equipment during the course/lesson/camp/activity and to adhering to the professional ethical rules in terms of hospitality, teaching, hygiene, and safety.


The equipment provided is suitable and of high quality. Each person is responsible for all the equipment entrusted to them.

The cost of repairs for any damage caused by not following the instructor’s instructions will be borne by the participant or their parents if they are a minor.


All rental contracts must be signed. A cash deposit is also required for any rental. This will be returned upon the return of the equipment.

Our instructors have the right to refuse the rental in case of unacquired or unproven level, lack of time for the proper conduct of our lessons, or in case of bad or risky weather conditions, etc.

To be able to rent equipment, a VDWS level 4 or IKO level 3 license is mandatory. If the license is not available, a check-up is necessary (€80) to receive the license. Also, please note that rental equipment cannot be shared with another person, meaning your friend/partner cannot use your rental equipment and must rent their own.

Our responsible instructor is therefore the sole judge to accept the rental and assign a working area. The rental conditions are as follows:

The renter must provide a valid identity document. The renter must acknowledge having received the rental equipment in perfect condition. The renter will check the condition of the rental equipment upon receipt. There will be no refund if the renter did not use the equipment. The renter will use the equipment at their own risk. KBS is not responsible for injuries or damage caused by the renter to themselves or others. The renter is responsible for any damage to the equipment during the rental period. The renter will have to pay for the repair of the equipment. If the repair costs exceed €100, the renter will have to buy the equipment at the second-hand price. If the renter loses the equipment or if it is stolen, the renter will have to buy it at the second-hand price (a price list is available at the center). The renter can change their equipment based on availability, pricing plan, and the center’s opening hours.

Image Rights

The trainee/participant authorizes the dissemination and publication for educational and promotional purposes of photos or videos in which they appear solely within the framework of learning with KBS. However, if this poses a problem, the trainee/participant is requested to indicate this to arrange this issue as best as possible within the realm of feasibility.