Terms and conditions

By registering for an internship or an activity, you acknowledge having read and accepted these terms and conditions.

The participation in an activity is the subject of a contract between the participant on the one hand and Royal Kitesurf School on the other hand part of the Royal Belgium Nautique Club.

Registration conditions

The following elements are required to validate your registration:

Parental authorization for – 18 years old.

No registration can be taken into account if it is not accompanied by the corresponding deposit. The deposit to be paid is 60 € of the total sum of the course thus per participant and per stage. This deposit must be paid to the account when registering via the website that allows you to confirm your registration.

Balance payment:

The balance will be paid on the first day at the time of the internship. If the balance is not received the day of the course, RKSS reserves the right to cancel the reservation by keeping the deposit paid.



The change of date is possible until 3 days before the beginning of the internship. Beyond, any modification of date or decrease of the number of trainees, will be considered as a cancellation.


It may be necessary for us to have to modify an essential element of the internship or the activity because of circumstances that would not be attributable to us or for reasons the safety of the participants.



It is not possible, without the prior agreement of RKSS to change the course of an internship or an activity. The renouncement of one of the services or reservations subscribed during the inscription will be able to be the object of no refund. Any cancellation must be made to RKSS, as soon as possible (mail, phone). If you cancel all or part of your placement, for whatever reason, RKSS will keep the advance.

RKSS may have to cancel your internship if:

The security conditions require it or in case of unforeseen event.

If the weather conditions (according to forecasts or observations on the spot) are not required, we will refer you the missing hours to a closest date which will suit you. Attention, it will be important to indicate the detail (date of the first stage and the number of hours to recover) at the time of the next reservation.

CAUTION: Be aware that refunding is not possible on packages. You have one year to claim your remaining deposit by booking on our online calendar.

Lost voucher = no lessons


All our rates include liability insurance, use of equipment and instructor.

Royal Belgium Nautique Club asbl reserves the right and the opportunity to re-evaluate the conditions and prices of courses and activities at any time. All our rates are available on our website www.royalkitesurfschool.be.

Gift voucher

All recipients of a gift voucher have 1 year to claim their voucher by making a reservation via our online calendar by stipulating its reference number by email. If the validity date is exceeded (- 6 months), it can be extended by 1 year at a cost of 25 €. The request must be made via email to david@royalkitesurfschool.be and the payment made to the bank account of the school. In no case, a gift voucher can be refunded.

Your account

Your account on our internet system allows you to follow your reservations and your specific evolution to learning kitesurfing. He may have a period of time to update.


The school is in ay situation responsable for weather conditions that would be unfavorable to the practice of connecting disciplines.

The team leader and instructors analyze the latest weather forecasts every evening in support of the most reliable internet tools to guide the decision on weather-related course confirmations.

Activity schedule

The schedules of each course (and activities) are indicated in their description on our sites.


The appointment is made 20 minutes before to start the course at the scheduled time.


After analyzing the latest weather reports, a confirmation per e-mail will be sent the day before your internship (between 19:00 and 21:30) to send you the time of appointment.

If unfortunately the latest weather forecasts are not favorable for a quality course, you will also receive a cancellation by email the night before that will announce it to you.

At this time, you will have to redo a new reservation via the agenda online or by mail / telephone.

Any session not carried out will be postponed according to our respective availabilities.


The durations of each lesson are indicated in their description on our sites.

Be aware that for specific kitesurfing courses, the duration of the course may vary depending on the number of participants per instructor.

IKO Kitesurfing License

The RKSS instructors are affiliated to the International Kitesurf Federation IKO or trained BLOSO which implies that all trainees in Kitesurf training are also trained IKO or BLOSO. At the end of each course, the instructors validate your kite level on your IKO account. When your training is finished a certificate of the level of practice is issued. This certificate is important to prove your level of kitesurfing but for it to be valid, you will have to fill in the IKO assessment form that will be sent to you.


Anyone registered in an internship (and activities) with RKSS (Royal Belgium Nautical Club asbl) will be insured in CIVIL LIABILITY during the whole course (activities). Royal Belgium Nautique Club asbl can not be held liable outside of the training period (activity).

For a “Bodily Injury” insurance plan, we propose you to become a member of the RBSC which will give you access to the insurance related to the sports federation (VYF or VVW). This insurance is annual.

For minors, parental authorization and swimming ability must be presented.

A mandatory release document of IKO and RKSS must be read and signed.

Participants’ commitment

All major participants and parents of minor participants accept the risks associated with the practice of kitesurfing, buggykite, landboardkite, powerkite, SUP and other disciplines under normal conditions of practice.

Our engagement

We are committed to providing the appropriate material during the course / course / camp / activity and to respect the ethical rules of the profession in terms of quality of reception, teaching, hygiene and safety.


The proposed material is adapted and of quality. Everyone is responsible for all the material entrusted to him.

The repair of the damage that would be caused by the non-observance of the instructions of the instructor will be charged to the person.

We do not sell kitesurfing equipment. However, we work in collaboration with the BILLYKITE Kitesurf shop, located in Brussels. This store will provide you with quality advice, service and equipment tailored to your needs.

BONUS RKSS: All students who have taken lessons with the RKSS benefit from a 10% reduction on all new equipment excluding promotions of the year. (Kitesurf, twintip board, wetsuits and accessories)


A rental agreement must be signed and a cash deposit is required for all rentals. It will be returned when the equipment returns.

Our instructors all have the right to refuse the rental. For level not acquired or not proven, lack of time for the good course of our lessons, bad weather or at risk, …

Our responsible instructor is therefore the only judge of acceptance of the lease and will give you a work area.

The tenant must provide a valid identity document.

The renter acknowledges having received the rental equipment in perfect condition.

The tenant will check the condition of the rental equipment upon receipt.

There will be no refund if the tenant has not used the equipment.

The tenant uses the equipment at his own risk. Royal Belgium Nautique Club is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by the tenant to himself or to third parties.

The renter is responsible for the damage caused to the equipment made during the rental period.

The tenant must pay for the repair of the equipment.

If the repair costs exceed 100 €, the tenant must buy the equipment at the price of the occasion.

If the tenant loses the equipment or if the tenant is stolen, the tenant must pay the price of the opportunity (a list with prices is available at the center).

The renter may change his equipment according to the availability, the fare formula, and the opening hours of the center.

Image right

You authorize the distribution and publication for educational and promotional purposes of photos or videos in which you appear as part of the learning with RKSS. If this creates a problem, report it to us, we will do the best to arrange things in the possible ways.